Jumat, 16 Juni 2017


                Nowadays, an email account is very important. Why ? Because a lot of android smartphone is support by google. As an andoid user, we must have a google account for access the Play Store. The solution to get a google account is to create an email for gmail. In this tutorial I give the example with screenshoot image. Here  are the step to creat email for gmail that I made as much detail as possible :

1. Open the settings menu on the phone screen.

2. Scroll down until you meet Account.

3. Look at the picture below and select “add account”.

4. Select the “Google” menu in your phone.

5. Once selected it will appear the first step to register email. Select “Or create a new account” to make google account.

6. Fill in the name of each available field. You can write the name that you like, you don’t have use the real names for it. Select next.

7. Then the next step is complete the data of birth and sex. Select next.

8. In this step, you can create your username with your style. Select next.

9.After that summit your password. There are 3 type password that are too weak, weak and strong. Make sure you make a strong password with combining numbers, letters and symbols. Select Next.

10. In this step you can choose to add your phone number or not. You can choose your country and fill the filed with your phone number if you want to adding your phone number or select skip if you don’t want.

11. In the Privacy and Term you can read all of it,  but if you too lazy to read just scrool down and select “I Agree”.

12. Confirm the username and  password  you created. If you comfortbale  with the username and password  just press back in you phone button but if you sure then select next to continue. The application  will load. This is the sign that google serve is receiving  new email registration. Please wait. If the loading is finish, go no gmail application and see your email.

                       That’s all the step to create an email for gmail. For your information, this email account aslo being you google account so you can use all  google service.

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