Kamis, 08 Juni 2017

A Reliable Facial Sketcher !!!

I come back! Well, today I want to share about my friend's skill. Let me introduce her. Her complete name is Estu Apriliana. Let's call her Estu. I first met her in a campus activity in 2013. I know Estu as a chief of consumption department at campus event. Not only good at cooking, she is very talented in drawing. She has a high artistic soul in herself. I saw many of her paintings. It's very cool! For this writing assignment for this week, I choose Estu to be my source of information.

F          : When did you start liking to draw?

E          : Well, I started to love drawing since childhood.

F          : Have you ever tried to start a business with that drawing skill?

E          : Yes, I have. Sometimes I sell it to my friends.

F          : Wow, really? How much is the price given for each painting you have made?

E          : Honestly in standard price, I sold it for 200 thousand rupiah to each picture, but for every my close friend I just sold it for 100 thousand rupiah to each picture

F          : I see, then I want to know, what kind of picture that you sell?

E          : I specialize in drawing facial sketches.

F         : Do you have someone who becomes an inspirational figure who likes to draw facial sketches?

E          : No, I don’t.

F          : Do you have any tips for friends out there who also want to be good at drawing?

E          : Em, I think as long as you have ambition and always practice then it will be fine because Every hard work will pay off.

F          : It is a wise answer! Okay, it is a last question. Are you going to make your talent as a main job in the future?

E          : It’s hard to answer. I love to drawing, but it will be difficult to make the money from drawing. Besides that, drawing is the way to relieve my stress so I think it can’t be my main job, but just my side job.

Well, those are the end of our interview. In this posting, I would also like to show you're a picture that Estu made :

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