Jumat, 16 Juni 2017

My Future Business : Study Cafe

I love to read very much. So from junior high school I always want to build a library. I often imagine to spend time in my library and making money from lending books. However, I realized that from lending book can't give a huge profit. So, I try to develop my idea with mix a library with café. The final result from my idea is I want to build a Study Cafe. In this café many students can come to just hang out or finish their assignment in here.

Nowadays, every student needs a place that can make their study comfortably. There are two types of student in study and finish their assignment. The first type, they need to study in group with accompaniment of music or with many activities that can they do (like eat, drink, talking each other, etc.). The second type, they aren't comfortable in crowded places and they need to study in group with quiet place so they can focus to finish their assignment. For this problem, there are two types room in my café. The first one is outside room. In this room, the customer can hang out with their friends and do their assignment. The second room is inside room. The customer can order a room to making their assignment or just study with their friends.

In addition to providing two types of room, I will also provide some facilities to support their study. The facilities are a bar to buy foods or drinks, various type of books, Wi-Fi, toilet, a lot of terminal cable, and classic furniture to make a comfortable atmosphere to study of just to hang out. This is my future business. I hope I can realize it. Thank you.

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