Selasa, 18 April 2017


Assalamualaikum, everyone! First, let me apologize to everyone, especially to Miss. Dini because I late to post my writing. I completely forgot about the deadline, when I realize it's already in April. So, I'm really sorry for this. Well, let's back! Today, I will writing about “I can't imagine without electricity”. Why electricity? Because it's a very important things for me!

In the history, there were many scientists that studied about electricity likes Amphere, Faraday, Coloum and Joseph Priestley. However, Michael Faraday was a scientist that made a big contribution in electricity in found electric current. This invention is the beginnings of the other inventions. I can't imagine what if these scientists had never found electricity. There will be no lights that brighten up the world, there will be no telephone to easily communicate, etc.

Nowadays, humans need electricity to do their activity. For examples, you need smartphone to send a message for someone far away, listen to music and playing the game to relieve the stress. You need rice cooker to cooking rise or other simple meals. You need television to entertain yourself. These activities needs devices that must connect to electricity. It means that human life has depended on electricity. We can do all this stuff easily if there are no electricity. That's why an important thing in our life are electricity!

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