Selasa, 18 April 2017

FOURTH WEEK (MARCH 24th, 2017)


                At this week, I was given the task for making a conversations with may partner about "Making A Robot".

Fajar    : We will make a robot in the future, right ? What should we make ? Have an idea ?

Fitri     : Well, I think a robot that can protecting ourselfe is recommended because nowadays the criminals happened in everywhere.

Fajar    : it’s a good idea. By the way, what the features of the robot ?

Fitri     : The features of robots are it have martial art skill, ability to protect from hacking and a navigation system. It also have high computer system so it can solve any problem quickly.

Fajar    : Is it just for protecting ? are there any else that it can do ?

Fitri     : As a robot that protecting its owner, It’s not only be a bodyguard robot but it also can be a housekeeper robot, maybe ?

Fajar    : How it will communicate ?

Fitri     : The robot can communicate by detecting voices and respon the question so this robot has been in program that can respond the conversation like human.

Fajar    : Wow, it sound great! So, we can make a humanoid robot. It will look like real human that have skin on all body. It also have muscle that make it look strong. Emm, I think it woul be cool if it can change its clothes by itself and the costumer can order the shape of face and hair of the robot such as owner like.

Fitri     : Yeah, we can call the robot “Safetron” and sell this robot for one billion,maybe ?

Fajar    : Ok, I like it. It will be coolest robot ever!

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